Choosing the time of launches

Please I suggest to learn some from the last launch : choose the right hour ! I suggest 0H00 UTC, it’s 2 am at Paris, perfect for me, 10 pm at NY and just perfect for Japanese Korean and Australian people ! Fluidity + less fees =) #ETH net dont like peaks on overloaded hours !

Please you should consider it, I investigate last time and if I missed 2420 XRUNE, it was not because of THOR Nodes overload, it was because of Ethereum network, which take too much time to send the second confirmation, the one that had to pool my XRUNE on THORSwap !

It’s perhaps a detail without importance for you, if it’s the case, sorry but you’re wrong !

Launches will continue to land around 2pm - 3pm UTC, to accomodate the maximum number of participants in US/EU/Asia