Dev team wants to join the Thorchain community

Hi, chads!

I am part of an awesome team of software engineers and architects that’s working tirelessly and we’re looking for some guidance.

A few months back we have started researching the state-of-the-art for multi-party decentralized vaults.

During this phase, we came upon TSS and decided that it’s the most versatile solution, which is exactly what Thorchain uses in the go-tss repo.

What was missing or incomplete was the ed25519 integration that’s already available in the bnb/tss-lib repo.

What we managed to do so far:

  • updated tss-lib to the latest version
  • added regroup for eddsa
  • completed the integration of both algos (ecdsa/eddsa) in go-tss
  • added ability for tss-lib to sign any message, not only BigInts
  • ported thorchain old/new party logic to the latest tss-lib
  • added whitelisting for peer connection
  • refactored some code
  • fixed issues we encountered
  • added more unit-tests

And some other changes that might not be of interest for you:

  • removed the use of cosmos sdk
  • converted all private/public keys to base64/hex encoding
  • added ability to use ed25519 keys for libp2p

So far we’ve been able to accomplish most of the milestones on our own and we’re looking for funding to continue our work.

Just to be clear, we’re not asking for anything upfront, at this point we’re simply trying to understand the mechanics behind Thorchain and how we might be able to integrate Thorchain as a funding source into our workflow, as well as establishing our presence in the community.