Diversifi Crypto and Fantom Squad NFTs (applied for community consideration)


Diversifi Crypto and Fantom Squad NFTs

Description of Project Functions:

Fantom Squad and Diversifi’s mission is to provide an entry point to both tenured Fantom projects and newer projects with excellent growth potential. Through its custom crafted dividend system, Diversifi allows you to buy one token and receive a percentage of trading volume. Simply select the token you want from any of our pictured token dividend partners to receive your allotment of volume automatically converted to your chosen token and delivered directly to your wallet. FantomSquad NFT line has provided additional utility and exposure opportunities to many of the token partners by creating custom branded NFTs with their logos and designs. These will be marketed on all chains and provide extra utility in their ability to be staked for DFi Tokens. So by holding any of the 3100 Amazing NFTs holders will earn exposure to many different fantom projects via DFi Token Rewards.

Diversifi Crypto Creates Value for Holders In 5 Ways

  1. Dividend Payouts in the token of their choice

  2. Diversifi holders earn “Locking Rewards” for making their DFi tokens unable to be traded for set time periods through our unique contract function. Receive a larger percentage of the dividend payout, every single time

  3. DFi holders that promote Diversifi receive bonus payouts for their efforts

  4. FantomSquad NFT primary and secondary sale royalties are paid back to DFi token to produce upward pressure on the chart, as well as create additional rewards

  5. Buy-backs to create upward chart pressure

Diversifi has partnered with Fibswap Crosschain Dex to allow use of their relay function to buy from MULTIPLE CHAINS

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