Having XRUNE on multiple blockchains

Hi, maybe it’s a bad idea or it’s just not realistic but what about having XRUNE on multiple blockchains? Maybe there’s a way to burn part of the current supply and mint it in Solana or BSC? Thorstarter being a launchpad linked to Thorchain, it would make sense to cover multiple blockchains. Maybe a bridge could be created on the website so that users who so desire could convert their ERC20 XRUNE into SPL XRUNE or BEP20 XRUNE, or any other blockchain. Maybe it’s just because I can’t stand ETH gas fees anymore. What do you think guys?


They’ve mentioned that this is the plan, just further out on the curve. Focus is on ERC-20s for early phase, expanding to other chains later.


Ok then, but let’s make it sooner than later. Ethereum is unusable. I could have bought way more XRUNE but I refuse to pay 40-200 gwei for that or for any other action that requires gwei. And I’m sure XRUNE would have seen more price action if gas fees hadn’t been so high lately.


I agree, especially as it’s very difficult to know how much it will cost

  • We don’t know how many operations will be required for each IDO (and IDO type)
  • We don’t know what kind of operation it is (swap or liquidity pool ?)
  • There is the risk that transactions will fail

So maybe doing the next three IDO will cost 500$ in gas ?

I understand that i may not be possible to delay as projects want to launch and are ready for it. But if it is possible i’d be happy to wait a few months to have it on polygon

Edit : I edit my message as i just saw a video showing exactly what will be the steps and number of operations to do so it gives a lot of answers. Nice thanks :slight_smile:


Believe in the future of multichain.


Definitely needs to be expedited, at least to BSC or MATIC so we can get past these exorbitant fees.


I say skip matic and bsc and go with Hedera Hashgraph, SUPER fast, SUPER cheap, and ABFT

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I say go with Avalanche or Solana as they have higher user adoption.


Reminder, we are now on 4 chains:


In hindsight, putting our eggs in the Terra (and now Fantom) baskets appears to be a bet that will pay off.