IDO Rewards as a DAO member - regarding New Projects

According to Thorstarter’s current documentation (DAO Member Guide - THORStarter), a DAO Member (xXRUNE staker) earns rewards from successful projects in XRUNE
→ ‘’ TLDR — DAO Member : Accumulate XRUNE, go to the Thorstarter website Governance tab, stake for vXRUNE, sit back and enjoy while the Valhalla Venture DAO invests in new projects, and rewards from successful projects are automatically distributed to you in XRUNE. ‘’

I propose that the vested users to be given the option to earn partly or fully the rewards of succesful projects in XRUNE and/or in the successful project’s token.

FOR EXAMPLE: I want for the THORSWAP project, the rewards earned to be 50% in THOR and 50% in XRUNE .

I believe the DAO members have as much skin in the game as Thorstarter project does, by holding the governance tokens (vXRUNE). By choosing to stake it and keep it there, we should have a voice on how deeply invested we want to be in the launching projects as well. As such should be coded in a slider that can be adjusted according to how much percentage of the total rewards to be given as the the tokens of the (newly) launched projects.

Thank you.


We pitch projects to give additional tokens for farms (which we can build for them). This is a common feature amongst launchpads, and something we’re working on. Whether or not the project agrees to give out some of their tokens is up to them.