Proposal: Auto-compound unclaimed vested XRUNE

I propose that unclaimed vested XRUNE should be auto-compounded with the rest of locked VXRUNE. This allows me to set-and-forget my vested xrune, knowing that it’ll compound without any additional actions and count towards future IDO launch snapshots.

Thoughts? Also please vote in the poll in my follow-up post.

See image for more context:


Good idea, I thought having it automatically compound was part of Thorstarter’s plan. Thanks for bringing that up. Maybe add a poll (you can do that on a computer) so people can vote.


Great idea! Didn’t notice an option for poll until now. Please vote below:

Should unclaimed xrune be auto-compounded?

  • Yes
  • No

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So is there any concerns that have not been brought up? I.e. there is a technicality that makes it in feasible? I do not know what that might be but I guess there’s a reason this is not already the implemented solution. Maybe some transaction costs, idk.

Maybe on of the devs can comment on this?

If no hidden concern, you have my vote! :beers:

Very much in favor of at least having an option to rebase claims/rewards automatically into either vXRUNE governance or possibly XRUNE staking. Is this even possible to facilitate without it being too costly for Thorstarter?


I agree with this. Autocompounding is always good

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Are there any updates regarding this proposal? Would very much see this being implemented

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Letting everyone know that the proposal is completed.

My vXRUNE is being updated to reflect my Thorchain XRUNE-RUNE LP position.

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