Reserved allocation for invested DAO members

Hi! Here’s what I’m thinking: Why not have reserved allocations on each IDO for early (or down the line, long term) DAO members, especially for those of us who have LPs locked for vXRUNE and are subject to impermanent loss. If you became a DAO member before the first IDO and if you are a TC LP + a Sushi LP then you get an additional guaranteed allocation to buy the new $TOKEN on top of the regular Thorstarter launch (whatever the type of launch). It could be like this:

Tier 1
=1 small additional allocation:
(100 $Xrune ?)
If you became DAO member before 1st IDO (or down the line: for the last two IDOs) with maybe a minimum of 4000 vXRUNE (single $XRUNE/vXRUNE lock).

Tier 2
=1 medium additional allocation:
(150 or 200 $Xrune ?)
If you’re a Tier 1 DAO member + providing liquidity in either the THORchain pool or the Sushi pool. With at least 4000 vXRUNE locked for the pool.

Tier 3
= 1 bigger additional allocation:
(200 or 300 $Xrune ?)
If you’re a Tier 1 DAO member + providing liquidity in both the THORchain pool and the Sushi pool. With at least 4000 vXRUNE locked for each pool.

I say 100 $XRUNE at current price, which would be less than $50 USD.

What do you think?

  • YES! Good idea! I vote in favor.
  • NO! Terrible idea! I vote against.

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Appreciate the feedback and idea. Modifying the SC to do such a proposal would be fairly time intensive right now.


I understand, but as it’s for invested members, it doesn’t need to be right now. And also the numbers probably needs tweaking by the Thorstarter team, you have a better understanding of what’s possible or not. Also it would be a fairly low allocation, and that’s why we would need like a 12 hour window to take advantage of it to monitor gas fees.

I think a part of their project is to have something fair without “privileged” access. Not sure about it, but if so it would be a bit against this idea, especially if one day Xrune is very expensive


True, but that’s the point, having $XRUNE price increase, the idea behind my proposal is to make sure people don’t sell their $XRUNE in between IDOs, and even buy more to have these small allocations, and also not be afraid of the price increase and impermanent loss and keep providing liquidity. These small guaranteed allocations could incentivize people to keep provide liquidity.

Hey Dex Thor
Further to your recommendation, what if there is a lock in period for vxrune, minimum 100 vxrune for everyone to participate as minimum, however the longer you lock in the bigger the allocation but also proportional to your quantity of vxrune locked up, in addition multipliers for Thor Chads verified by monthly snap shots who are here for the long term. No penalties for breaking the lock in period just adjustments of the new allocations based on the wallet changes of quantity of vxrune and the lock in periods. Allocations could be subject to your commitments verified from monthly snap shots. the idea is to take xrune of the market and raise the tvl

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Good ideas, rewarding commitment. Of course I would add: with a cap, so that whales don’t eat up the whole pie. I’ll write a new proposal when I have the time. The numbers need correcting too. vXRUNE minimum are too high and allocation is to low given gas fee problem, or maybe by then BSC or another cheap chain will be integrated (please no L2 solutions).

yes cap is good idea for whales issues, yes numbers need correcting, maybe list on, Arbitrium, polygon or even solana

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SOLANA! SOLANA! SOLANA! That would so cool, it’s fast and sooo cheap, you don’t even have to think about fees, you just need to make sure you have at least 0.1 SOL in your wallet, but fees are so much cheaper than that, like 0.00025 SOL or something.

Solana has been moved back behind Terra, Fantom, and Polygon.

Projects on Solana have been notoriously un-fair launches, and the above three ecosystems are booming. We will revisit Solana later this year to see if it makes sense to move there.