SECURITY shall be PERFECT! :) + BULLISH introduction!

Hey all fellow “XRUNE-chads”? :100:

Every existing “Crypto-Asset” is either a “Layer 1”-type of Crypto-Asset; a protocol+blockchain+network (Ethereum,Bitcoin,Monero); or a “Layer-2”-type of Crypto-Asset – that is, a Crypto-asset launched on top of a protocol+blockchain-network (all ERC20´s, all dApps, Uniswap, memecoins & shitcoins, etc).

XRUNE is a “Layer-2”-type of Crypto-Asset; intending to represent the main & dominant “Launchpad” for the ThorChain-ecosystem.

ThorChain is a “Layer-1”-type of Crypto-Asset:–> of which XRUNE´s value is completely dependent upon.
If the MISSION and VISION of ThorChain is never achieved; then of course XRUNE is not something that will ever achieve any value.

If the VISION and MISSION of ThorChain is achieved; then the purchasing-power of RUNE could become 10.000x multiple the present-day purchasing-power of what RUNE is today. I say “purchasing-power” instead of “dollar” here because like many in “crypto”, I have “tinfoil”-ish beliefs about the probability of hyperinflation of all fiat-currencies happening anytime soon, could be months from now, or even multiple years.

ThorChain has a market-cap of ca One Billion “USD”. I believe it could become 10.000x times higher than that; at a minimum more than 1000x.
In the aforementioned scenario; RUNE would have a “USD”-market cap, of Ten TRILLION. This is not impossible to imagine if it were to become the case - that all trade of any type of investment-worthy asset would be traded on ThorChain. If ThorChain the VISION is both 1.) Technically feasible in practice, and 2.) Actually created (loooots of work), then it would be more surprising how RUNE could be so undervalued, at below-10-Trillion market-cap.
I actually do not hold any RUNE yet myself (except from a smaller LP-position in the RUNE-XRUNE-pool), but am planning my entry carefully and actively nowadays. I think deeply about the value of any asset before I MoonBoy myself into them.

XRUNE cannot become as valuable as RUNE, of course. That would just not make any sense. But my argument for why XRUNE could become worth 10.000x more than it is today; is because it has a market-cap below Ten Million “USD”. This means, that while ThorChain would “only” have to do a 10x to be worth Ten BILLION; XRUNE would have to do a 10.000x to get to Ten BILLION.

So, assuming a 10.000x journey for RUNE is realistic (conditional probability applies here: XRUNE can go 10.000x IF ThorChain can go 10.000x; the smaller bird will follow after the gigantic one); then by logical necessity, XRUNE would follow along with it - it´s not hard to imagine XRUNE reaching a valuation of 10 Billion, in a scenario where RUNE reaches a valuation of 10 Trillion.

I hope this forum, when we loook back at this post, ten years from now - actually, I PREDICT that - visiting this forum-post ten years from now - that this prediction will seem modest and more likely be an under-estimate, and that visiting around here will feel alot like visiting the earliest posts of the original forum of bitcointalk .org - your chance of writing a great “this will be nostalgic in the future”-feelzy post like this one is RIGHT NOW - so DO share your ideas of what is the highest importance priorities of XRUNE and RUNE?

The nr 1 PRIORITY of both ThorChain and XRUNE - for these two projects to succeed (side by side) - IS and MUST BE the VISION of achieveing 100% PERFECTion of ALL CONCEIVABLE ASPECTS of the VISION of “100% Security of Assets, on the ThorChain-network”.

All the top-level genius-brain hackers in the world should be recruited to hack the ThorChain-chaosnet in all conceivable ways possible. ThorChain ought to break not just world-records, but world-HISTORICAL records, in being the nr 1 top most “fanatical Bug-Bounty-Reward”-program. Loosing 4 million USD of other-people´s-money sure sounds alot less worse than loosing 40 Trillion USD of other-people´s-money. → What´s even the point of being “Bullish” on ThorChain, if we don´t even secure ourself this from-the-start?

ThorChain and XRUNE can only achieve the 10.000x valuations I outlined above - IF and ONLY IF - we achieve “100% Perfect Security”.

We must “DRAG and DROP” this FUTURE scenario to become CLOSER to the PRESENT. I refer you shortly to “Backcasting”, this is your Way to Victory - Backcasting - Wikipedia

Finally, the Big QUESTion ----> What did the ThorChain-geniuses do correctly - that made this outcome happen?


But… where is your proposal? :thinking:

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I admire your enthusiasm but I think you’re focusing way too hard on the price action (and how good (you think) your prediction will look in the future)
If you truely believed RUNE / XRUNE will 10,000x in a decade then I don’t understand why you haven’t bought in already, unless there’s something you’re even more bullish on.

There’s also no such thing as “100% perfect security”.
ThorChain’s position as an intermediary between different chains naturally leads to more attack surfaces for the system. XRune unfortunately will be exposed even further to long-tail assets and brand new tokens (from IDOs) which again increases the security risk of the system.
I hope the TS team will collaborate with the TC team (and associated white hats) to take preventative measures to ensure new chains are safe to integrate with XRune

ThorChain is definitely ahead of the game but I’d be surprised if there isn’t several heavy cross-chain hitters in the coming years. XRune however will have a great impact on the future ecosystem of ThorChain, so I’ll be keeping an eye on what upcoming projects will be on offer


Perhaps this is Early’s main proposal: That we use a backcasting technique to flesh out details in our road map?

hello dears
You know that I trust and follow !
But please no more erc20 smart contracts, Ethereum is like Windows, the most used so the most attacked !


25 year that I repair computers, and it’s always same music !

$RUNE, $TERRA $LUNA $UST, etc all are based on Cosmos !
So why insist to build on something known for it’s weaknesses !

Good Luck =)

The Bounty ? LoL
I purposed it one month ago like a “Stupid Idea” !

So if there are rewards for that , I was first !

They’ve done some confidential bounties, bad idea !
This will work better, I hope !

Anyway THORChain Cannot Fail !

Love the support and grand vision of both RUNE/XRUNE. XRUNE has an important role to play in growing the entire ThorFi ecosystem. Thorchain won’t attain this vision by itself, we need to have lots of projects building on top of it. When it comes to security that’s the only way to test/identify all these end point vulnerabilities.

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