Utilizing Thorchain's cross chain capabilities

Hi all,

I had a question regarding the use of thorchain’s cross-chain capabilities. Recently we saw the launch of Skyrim Finance’s token on thorstarter. Skyrim finance aims to provide defi services on BSC, Ethereum and Polkadot, and it was chosen to launch the IDO using an ERC-20 token. I understand that, this being Skyrim’s choice and the thorchain ecosystem still being built out, there was no realistic alternative. But considering the transaction costs that choice incurred, it did raise a question with me that I wanted to ask the community about.

To me, one of the elements that I think could give thorstarter a big edge over other IDO platforms is the fact that it is built on top of a powerful cross-chain liquidity protocol. There are two characteristics of cross-chain IDOs that I had envisioned thorstarter would enable, and I am not sure whether those are planned, or even realistic, features:

  1. Cross chain IDOs allow any project to launch an IDO on thorstarter in their native token. e.g. down the line, a BSC project is able to launch an IDO with a BEP token.

  2. Cross chain IDOs also allow investors to participate with tokens from various chains (or Xrune tokens wrapped on BSC for example). This would make more sense than for example having to use ERC20 Xrune to buy an ERC20 token of a project that aims to launch on various chains, some of which may be a lot cheaper to transact in.

Regarding (1), I am wondering what degree this is possible and/or dependent on Thorchain’s own development of cross-chain support. Regarding (2), as I understand it right now the only way to participate in the IDO is to buy Xrune, which is an ERC20 token. What is the cross-chain element of Thorstarter if you can only buy ERC20 launched tokens using ERC20 Xrune? Is this to be expanded to other chains in the future?

I hope we can have some interesting discussion about this, I’m not an expert when it comes to the tech behind thorstarter but would love to understand more on whether these features are planned/possible :slight_smile: