Very bad Customer Service and my money lost with ThorSwap and Thor Air Drop

Hi All,
I took part on Thor Air Drop early Nov 2021 and got 600 THOR for which I had to commit 113 THOR,RUNE in ThorSwap and also have 100 xVRUNE In the Governance, ALL OF THEM I have been unable to claim due to “a bug” and the inept Customer Service of ThorSwap in Discord, Twitter and Telegram, which simply has not solved the problem at all. Even contacted the ThorSwap’ CEO’ on his social media channels and he has just kept silent. ALL documentary evidence has been provided from my side and contacted all customer service channels for nearly 3 months now. Can a competent and honest person in ThorSwap please fix this problem for me now? Thanks

Lol “Customer Service”?
THORSwap is not a company and you are not a customer.
Also, THORChain itself is in Beta and it literally says in the documentation that “Funds potentially at risk. Critical bugs may exist”

I swear, it’s always the entitled people that don’t do any due diligence and talk about “customer” service.